Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Illustrated Sex Guide - Kama Sutra positions

Kama Sutra positions to prolong your orgasm and give you the best sex you've ever had.

The Kama Sutra has been used by people around the world for 100's of years. Lovecentria - illustrated sex guide is your bridge between these old secrets and modern scientific discoveries that will dramatically increase your abilities as a lover.

You will be shown easy to master and incredibly sensual positions to enhance sexual experience for both of you. You will also learn physical and spiritual techniques that will help you achieve all of the following.

* Stronger and longer erections
* More intense orgasms
* Ability to control when you orgasm
* Increased sex drive and libido
* Power to control your partners orgasm and give her mind blowing full body orgasms

You'll get access to the only online sex guide that contains content to teach you the ways of the Kama Sutra in easy to follow steps.

In only a few sessions you will command specialist techniques to increase you lasting power in sex and the ability to make yourself and your partner experience multiple and full body orgasms.

After longer sex sessions you will climax in a more powerful orgasm than you've ever felt before and improve the entire experience of sex for you and your partner.

You will also gain access to over 50 more DVD's that contain unique content not seen anywhere else on the internet.

You get everything from 3D rotating sex positions to instructions on how to reach the G Spot and give your partner mind blowing orgasms.

You'll feel more confident in your abilities as a lover and you'll soon be comfortable approaching beautiful women in clubs and at parties knowing you can take them home and show them the night of their lives.

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With Lovecentria - illustrated sex guide you will learn the secrets of sex, you will enjoy a completely different world of sex and have the choice on how much sex you have and who with.